Janice Millford
Oct 16, 2017

AGM 2017 Report



Glorious weather at Huntington Beach CA, or Surf City USA for all Beach Boys fans, made for an excellent AGM a few weeks ago.  Gillian Dow, Devoney Looser and Richard Knight were the Plenary Speakers.  By the by, Dr Looser will be our speaker at the December 2018 lunch!  Wilt Stillman was interviewed by Peter Graham and then we had a showing of Stillman’s lovely film, LOVE & FRIENDSHIP, based on “Lady Susan”.  Wonderful breakout sessions by terrific speakers added to the fun and entertainment.  Seeing the lovely costumes, some worn every day by loyal Janeites, but especially those at the banquet was a special treat.  The promenade was thru the convention center, out to the court yard and into the hotel proper, much to the delight of the hotel patrons and staff.  The staff wore Jane Austen pins throughout the AGM and were delightful.  The entire AGM was well designed and well run.

To the heart of the AGM-----what was decided?  You probably know that the 2018 AGM will be in Kansas City, MO, Sept 28-30, hosted by the Kansas City Region.  Registration will open in May so be aware of that early date and look for notices.  I suspect this AGM will fill up quickly.  Their Theme is “Persuasion: 200 years of Constancy and Hope”.  The 2019 AGM will be in Williamsburg, VA from October 4-6 in celebration of Northanger Abbey…..the last of the anniversary celebrations of the books.  Cleveland, OH will host the 2020 AGM, featuring Austen’s Juvenila, and more news on all of those will be forthcoming.

I have the AGM General Meeting report which will also soon be up online at the JASNA web site.  Some highlights include the increase of members accessing the website, using online membership renewals and the retention of members is over 83%.   Liz Philosophos Cooper is the president/elect, but she will also continue as VP- Regions. National has changed both Best Practices for Regions and for AGMS. Investment practices have been updated to provide better control and implementation of more accountability.  Merrill-Lynch continues to be our investment manager.  National also opened an operating bank account to better track costs and expenses.  Dues sharing:  National has advised Regions that they may no longer charge Regional dues on top of the dues each member pays to renew their membership.  However, National will remit to any Region, holding less than $25,000 in their bank account, $10 per member as membership is calculated with the September membership list.  There is a change also to Membership status, new in 2018 JASNA will switch to annual X dates for renewals which will allow people to enjoy a full year of benefits.  For example, a new member joining in Feb 2018 will renew on Feb 2019.  Old members stay the same for renewal dates.  Encouragement was given to use online renewals for speed and accuracy.  And all members are encouraged to visit the JASNA Membership Portal to check for accuracy of email addresses and regular mail addresses.  Another big change is to Family Memberships---effective Feb 1, 2018, annual FAMILY memberships will not be offered.  It was designed to cover two people at the same address, but now more Family memberships are for people at separate addresses which increases the bookkeeping and logistics.  No change for Family Life Memberships. 

I had a private meeting with Claire Bellanti and Liz P Cooper.  They are happy the region is growing and thriving.  Our new website and the purchases of AV equipment were highly approved.  Claire and Liz want us to continue to use the money in the bank account for the benefit of members through programming and events.   They gave me some tips and Claire expressed her hope we would go forward with her visit in 2018 when she hopes to see each of you to thank you personally for your participation in JASNA.                    


Oct 17, 2017

Thanks for sharing Janice!

Jenny Allan
Oct 17, 2017

This was my fifth AGM! It was a lot of fun, met up with old friends and met some new. The weather was gorgeous and the location was super fun. I got to bring my family with for the first time and that made it special. I really enjoyed the plenary speakers. I'm excited that we are getting Devoney as a local speaker as I missed her talk.

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    Nov 1

    Meet Mother & Daughter Duo. Kathy Rogers & Anne Rogers Kathy Rogers JASNA-MN: How did you hear about JASNAMN? Kathy Rogers: A girlfriend told me about some “strange” people at her work who belonged to a Jane Austen club. I was intrigued. After learning about the details and attending my first meeting, I was hooked. JASNA-MN: How long have you been a JASNA-MN board member and how did you get there? Kathy Rogers: I joined the Board as Treasurer in January 2019. As a recently retired accountant it seemed a natural fit. I have an easy job compared to the rest of the board. I am amazed by the skill and creativity that I see in the other board members. JASNA-MN: What is your favorite thing/moment about being a JASNA-MN board? Kathy Rogers: I just finished the year end financial reporting for the chapter, and it was fun to put my “green eyeshade” on again. I like presenting financial data in a way that helps people make decisions wisely. JASNA-MN: What is your favorite Jane Austen’s book or movies? Kathy Rogers: Well, of course, I love the book and the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice. I also really like Mansfield Park. I know it is not as well regarded as some of the others, but the dialogue is so rich, and the characters are so dense. Mary Crawford is my favorite character in all the books. I have the audio book versions of all the main novels. I have three versions of Pride and Prejudice alone. I listen at night to lull myself to sleep. Over the years, I have probably listened to each book 20 times. Except for key parts (like the first proposal scene in Pride and Prejudice) I find them soothing. JASNA-MN: Tell me a little bit about yourself: hobbies, hidden talent, etc. Kathy Rogers: I am a news junkie (not always a good thing…) I also enjoy history and listen to a lot of books on European, World and Economic History. This is one of the reasons why I like Jane Austen so much. It is comforting sometimes, to take the long view. Anne Rogers – (Kathy Rogers’ daughter) JASNA-MN: How did you hear about JASNAMN? Anne Rogers: My mom was involved in JASNAMN prior to me. She told me about the group and brought me to the holiday meeting last year - a ton of fun! JASNA-MN: What is your favorite Jane Austen’s book or movies? Anne Rogers: A bit cliché, but I'm a sucker for Pride and Prejudice, book and series. A strong memory from my childhood is watching and rewatching the 1995 BBC miniseries on VHS (I blame my mom for starting this). I really connected with Jane and love how it portrays the different relationships between the sisters. JASNA-MN: What was your favorite meeting/event so far? Any idea what fun stuff we should do? Anne Rogers: I really enjoyed the dance meeting - even though I have no rhythm! I would be in favor of any event/lecture around how life was back then (embroidery, etiquette, other topics around the culture). JASNA-MN: How long have you been a member? Anne Rogers: I'm new! I just attended my first meeting as a member this month. JASNA-MN: Tell me a little bit about yourself: hobbies? hidden talent? Anne Rogers: I love to craft and sew. My mom and I both created dresses for these meetings. JASNA-MN: Thank you Alicia & Anna for your times! See you at next meeting... *If you are interested to be our next featured member or would like to nominate someone Please email us at jasnamnmarketing@gmail.com
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