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“There is hardly any personal defect…which an agreeable manner might not gradually reconcile one to.”  (Persuasion)
Welcome to the JASNA-MN Forum, a doorway to discourse with fellow Janeites.

Please freely peruse our growing collection of articles, topics, and discussions of interest (Jane Austen, her books, her characters, Regency England, etc.).


Of note: We make our Family Category available to members only. To join our lively conversations, please join JASNA. +

Forum Etiquette


Please help keep our Forum agreeable by agreeing to: 

  • Remain respectful and polite toward all members and moderators in word and deed, if not thought.

  • Keep topics Jane-related (books, movies, characters, Regency culture, etc.), lest we drift and digress into some less desirable Society.

  • Abstain from political discussions, however witty and/or enlightened your persuasion.

  • Post only moderately sized photos and illustrations with consideration for members with slower speeds, smaller screens, and less patience.

  • Comply with copyright rules and other lawful practices.

  • Avoid posting words and phrases in all capital letters as it is never charming, it’s ALARMING.

  • Refrain from promoting your product, service, and/or business.

  • Any post considered unsuitable will be removed.

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